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The Scizzle feed helped me quickly find great papers to discuss in journal club that nobody else had seen yet! Meanwhile, the blog keeps me updated with findings in other fields and scientific discussions that I have less time and energy to find and follow. Overall, Scizzle is a great tool and time saver!
Joseph C., MA, University of Cambridge
I use Scizzle to keep up to date on breaking research to make educated decisions as to what experiments I should run to stay competitive.
Jon W., PhD; Senior Scientist, Kadmon Pharmaceuticals
After Google Reader went dark I needed a new feed reader to keep up with the literature. Scizzle turned out to be a great alternative to Google Reader without the feature bloat of many of the other feed readers.
Wolf R., PhD; Staff Scientist, NIH
Scizzle allows me to quickly and easily find what I need, when I need it. The interface is simple and the quirky design somehow manages to makes literature trawling seem like less of a chore. A major advantage of Scizzle over other literature search sites is that I can keep all my important (or, more often, "to be read"...) papers in one place (the Scizzling Pot) for quick access in the future.
Sally B., Postdoc Fellow, Columbia University

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